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Top 30 songs of 2022

1-Torn Sky-The Storm

2-Kingdom Brothers-Just One More Day

3-Light45-What Light Remains

4-Relentless Flood-Echoes

5-John Schlitt-Takin’ it Higher

6-The Brave-We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

7-Daughtry-Changes Are Coming

8-Stryper-For God and Rock ‘N Roll

9-The Brave-Bravenation

10-Bride-Send Your Angels

11-Stryper-Do Unto Others

12-Matt Sassano-Dear God

13-Skillet-Surviving the Game


15-Skillet-Standing in the Storm

16-John Schlitt-Fake News

17-Glenn Kaiser-I Hear Talk

18-Anne Wilson-Devil

19-Matt Moore-Beautiful

20-The Fuzzy Robes-Kyrie Eleison

21-J. Douglas Wright-Getting Started

22-Love and Death-The Hunter

23-Seventh Day Slumber-Death by Admiration

24-Seventh Day Slumber-Halos

25-Fear Not-Fields of Sorrow

26-Reign of Glory-Welcome to Reality

27-Love and Death-Lo Lamento


29-Honor & Glory -You Are God

30-Fuel 4 Soul - Keep The Faith

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