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Top 30 songs of 2020

1- Demon Hunter-Peace

2- Disciple-Darkness Dies

3-Random Hero-Desperate Measures

4- Skillet-Save Me

5-The Protest-Bad Self/Ascension

6- Random Hero- White Flag

7-Demon Hunter-When The Devil Come

8-Vital Empire (ft Trevor McNevan)-Runaway

9-Bayless-No More Suffering

10-Adelaide-Worst Enemy

11-Chaotic Resemblance-Unto The Lamb

12-Relent-Last Days


14-Manafest-This Is Not The End

15-John Schlitt-Feel It

download (1).jpeg

16-Relentless Flood-In Your Wake

17-Behold The Beloved-Come Alive

18-Fireflight-Who We Are

19-Stryper-Do Unto Others


21-GFM-I Don’t Need Your Fantasy

22-Seventh Day Slumber-Man Down

23-J. Douglas Wright-Birds ‘N Butterflies

24-Nine Lashes-Guilty Hands

25-Rhonda Gunn-Rescue Me

26-Barry Blair-Down In The Lowlands

27-The Birdsongs-Keep On Fighting

28-Crowder- Happy Day

29-I Still Dream-Broken

30-The Protest-Valor

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